Football tournament ‘Holy Spirit in a Healthy Body’ 2020

On 19 September, the second Christian Rehabilitation Centre Football Tournament ‘Holy Spirit in a Healthy Body’ took place in the Nike Arena. All organisations providing daily assistance to alcohol and drug addicts were welcome to participate. 11 teams participated in the tournament with players from 13 organisations. Due to the exceptional nature of this year, teams from abroad could not attend.

1. Charity Fund Resurrection
2. Convictus
3. Salvation Army
4. The New Generation
The other amazing teams who were on the field: Tallinn Social Work Center, Tallinn Prison, Bridge of Hope, Samaria Estonia, Living Israel – Hüüru, Living Israel – Nõmme and Salvation Army 2.

What makes this tournament special is that the vast majority of players on the field are former addicts who are now free of alcohol and drugs.

Winners of the special prize presented by the Salvation Army: BEST PLAYER –  Sergei (Convictus), BEST GOALKEEPER – Aleksei (Resurrection).

More prizes and support provided by: RUG furniture store, Football Association, ELISA, Samaria Estonian Mission, farmer Tõnu Paalits, Eha Sõda, Saku, Alecoq, Lantmännen Unibake Estonia.

The tournament took place thanks to the Council of Tallinn and the Estonian Council of Churches. A special thank you to the Football Association for all the support.

Thank you to the players and supporters who made the tournament possible. See you next year!