Rehabilitation centres launch new programme to support freedom from addiction

In 2020, a number of rehabilitation centres are aiming to make the content of the services they offer addicts more effective. The NPO Samaaria Eesti misjon shelters in Pärnu and Haapsalu and the rehabilitation centres of the NPOs Uus Võimalus and Karsklusselts Uus Põlvkond have launched a programme of lessons for recovering addicts at the Dunklin Memorial Church centre. In Estonia, the NPO Lootuse Küla has been helping people change their lives with the help of this programme for years.

The programme is covered in five textbooks that contain both material for lectures and homework for the participants. The goal is to steer recovering addicts towards an understanding of the reasons for and consequences of their addiction and to encourage them to rebuild broken relationships. They are taught how to work on a day-to-day basis by relying on one another and solving problems together, to respect their surroundings and to take care of themselves and others – which is to say everything they might not have been able to do thus far. It is important that both men and women learn how to take responsibility for their actions in the past and in the future.

The substantial development of the centres forms part of the project of the Public Foundation of Hope that received support via the gambling tax raised in the 4th round of applications for small projects in the social sector in 2019. Viljam Borissenko is helping implement the programme at the rehabilitation centres.

In addition to new developments in Estonia, the Dunklin programme has also been implemented by the Dom Pira Centre in Ukraine. We are helping them carry out lessons via e-channels.