Round table with rehabilitation organisations and meeting with heads of Estonian Food Bank

On 13 October, a round table was held among leaders of organisations undertaking rehabilitation work based on Christian values. This time the gathering was hosted by the NGO Karsklusselts Uus Põlvkond (New Generation) in Jõhvi.

The meeting focussed on the future, as we discussed the legal regulations of the rehabilitation centres and things that need to be done in regard to them. We heard about the challenges and victories of heads of the organisations and summaries of what they have been involved in, accepted two new members to the round table (the NGO Living Israel Toetav Abi and VIVICUM OÜ) and approved the plan for joint events this year.

The special guest at the round table was Piet Boerefijnm from the Estonian Food Bank, who told us about the organisation’s work. We held a discussion to boost cooperation between the different organisations in order to help people put food on the table.

This was the eighth round table and it was held thanks to funding received from the Gambling Tax social care projects grant.