Tenth Roundtable of rehabilitation organizations

On November 9, another Roundtable of the leaders of Christian rehabilitation organizations was held, this time we met in the new house of Living Israel in Männiku, Tallinn.

At the meeting, we discussed about news and plans, the next year’s Football Tournament, the Small Project Fund, members talked about what is going on in their work, we also discussed abut the possibility of wider cooperation across Estonia with CitoMed. Additionally we looked to the future, shared plans and vision of Competence Center of Christian rehabilitation centers.

In the afternoon, a meeting was held with Terje Lääts, the head of MTÜ Võlanõustajad,where we talked about how to deal with debts, solutions, cooperation and help for clients.

Representatives of eleven organizations participated in the Roundtable, which were supported by the Gambling Tax on social field.