Round Table of rehabilitation centre managers in Tartu on 30 April

A Round Table of Christian rehabilitation centre managers was held on 30 April, this time with the managers being hosted by NGO Lootuse Sild. The meeting was held in the rooms of the Union of Evangelical Christian and Baptist Churches of Estonia Theological Seminary, where we discussed plans for this year’s joint events and the needs of the centres that we could realise together, plans related to the rehabilitation centres’ football tournament in early summer and the financing and communication opportunities of the centres and distributed new pamphlets and posters with information about the centres.

At the seminar, after lunch, officials from the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund Jaanika Kraus (a senior specialist and internal trainer in the Department of Job Seekers and Employers) and Kristel Altosaar (a leading consultant at the Tartu Department) introduced the services of the fund and we discussed ways to enhance cooperation so as to be more effective in resocialising the centres’ clients. We are planning an Experience Advisory training cycle for centre managers in cooperation with the fund.

This fourth Round Table was significant, as the managers of the Christian rehabilitation centres met around the same table for the first time exactly one year ago.